07 Oct 2021

How to Become a Community Manager in Game Development

Community Managers watch over the gamer flock in a game’s official Discord server, representing both the developer and the players. But what’s it like to be a gaming Community Manager exactly? Check out our interview to learn more about the job.

02 Sep 2021

Of Bird and Cage—Who is Snowy Shaw?

Snowy Shaw is one of the great and talented musicians who contributed to Of Bird and Cage. What is his story? Why did he join the project?

26 Aug 2021

The Best Short Games From All in! Games

Nearly everything nowadays is a drawn-out affair and video games are simply too long. Or are they? Check out our list of short games.

12 Aug 2021

Of Bird and Cage—Who is Mike LePond?

Of Bird and Cage is a unique, story-driven game intertwined with a metal album. Mike LePond is one of the many famous artists who worked on this project.