07 Oct 2021

Of Bird and Cage—a new patch is here

A new Of Bird and Cage patch has arrived! The patch introduces several gameplay fixes and solves the issue with broken achievements.

07 Oct 2021

How to Become a Community Manager in Game Development

Community Managers watch over the gamer flock in a game’s official Discord server, representing both the developer and the players. But what’s it like to be a gaming Community Manager exactly? Check out our interview to learn more about the job.

05 Oct 2021

Arboria patch available!

Yotunz! The Godz have blessed us with a new patch today that will make your experience in Durnar even better.

01 Oct 2021

Join our contest to win a free Steam copy of Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

To celebrate the reveal of Red Wings: American Aces, we’re giving away 10 copies of Red Wings: Aces of the Sky to the most creative of aces! No famous battle was won in silence and this time we want to hear you roar!